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we rise.

When it comes to mental healthcare in Kansas, what has “always been” doesn’t have to be our future.


OneRise is an integrative, state-of-the-art behavioral healthcare campus coming to Southcentral Kansas.

This 70-acre campus will offer a comprehensive approach to mental health care and substance abuse needs affecting Wichita and the region.


the mold.

Trying to navigate a mental health crisis on your own can feel impossible.

Often, you’re faced not only with a lack of resources but also a lack of connection or organization between them. It’s unnecessarily complex and piecemeal.

At OneRise, every need will be considered—housing, nutrition, education, clothing, therapies, legal services. Everything our friends and neighbors need to emerge from chaos and confusion into a bright new future.

When I heard about this project, I immediately offered my support, because I’ve been there. I’ve experienced what works and what doesn’t. My heart is with those who are suffering. I’m excited to have been offered a seat at the table, because the system that’s in place is so broken. It can be so much better.

OneRise Board Member Survivor of drug addiction, homelessness, mental health issues, and incarceration


See your community transform.

We’re partnering with some of the brightest minds in mental health, recovery, and restorative design.

But we need more like-minded organizations at the table. To help build a singular focus, evidence-based strategies, to approach complex challenges from every angle.

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Providing supportive services is more than a shelter or crisis space, or temporary housing. It’s all of the above. It’s an exciting time to change the paradigm and create an example, an idea, that will continue to expand around the country.”

Natale Stephens Senior Healthcare Planner & Architect, Page

Working on the OneRise project is a dream come true. I get to put 15 years of experience, best practices and lessons learned from the Community Care Center concept into practice. We have the opportunity to do something extraordinary.”

James Andrews Former Principal-In-Charge and Project Manager, Haven for Hope
Vice President and Design Director at WestEast Design Group

I was drawn to this project by the commitment of the Lange family–their desire to do things innovatively, the right way instead of the common way, and openness to looking through a different lens.”

Scott Ackerson Former VP of Transformational Services, Haven for Hope
Director of Social Impact Studio at WestEast Design Group

we rise.

It’s more than a campus. It’s an ecosystem, an ethos, and a better approach to partnership and collaboration.

See the Vision. Learn more about our trauma-informed design process and principles. Our Vision
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